More ways to Stay Right on the Road

Use your turn signals.

Every time you are turning be sure to use your turn signals. In parking lots, parking spots, changing lanes, even turning into your own driveway. Large amounts of people how somehow forgot or simply don’t care to use turn signals anymore. It’s extremely dangerous and needs more attention.

Turn on your lights.

Clearly at night, but that’s not the issue we find most drivers have. Anytime it’s raining, snowing, or there’s any type of low visibility you should have your lights on. By anytime, we mean during the day as well. A good way to remember is, If you need to turn on your windshield wipers, you also need to turn on your lights. You might think you can see just fine, but it’s important so that other drivers can see you!

Please Note: Newer cars that automatically turn the lights on/off don’t always work during the day when it starts to rain or snow. They aren’t perfect and shouldn’t be relied on. Simply turn your lights on in these conditions.

Don’t Phone and Drive.

Texting and driving is clearly a huge issue already but the issue doesn’t stop with the act of texting. Snapchating, instagraming, and all other apps need to be avoided as well. Music alone can be distracting to some drivers. We need to get phones out of the hands of drivers. People on their phones often tend to be part of the group that needs to Keep Right Except for Passing as well.

Watch for Motorcycles

Do more than just watch, stay away from bikes. Make sure to keep adequate distance when driving near motorcycles. The last thing you want to do is rear end or side swipe a motorcyclist.